The volcano

According to historical sources, Komorní hůrka was last active about 80,000 years ago. Many myths and legends are linked to this area as a result of people from the past trying to explain the seemingly supernatural powers of the mountain. Today, of course, we can rest assured the only effects this area will have on you are calming ones! 

Back in time...

...with J.W. Goethe

Did you know that J. W. Goethe used to visit Komorni Hurka? Around that time there was a strong scientific dispute over the nature of volcanic activity between two groups the “Neptunists” and the “Plutonists”. The Neptunists interpreted the formation of rocks through the motions of water and the cause of volcanic activity through the burning of underground coal seams. The Plutonists believed that the centre of the Earth was of molten core. They explained the formation of volcanoes by the eruptions of hot liquid substances pushed out of the volcanic esophagus from the interior to the surface of the earth. In this dispute, Komorní hůrka played an important role and attracted the attention of scientists. It had become world-famous in literature worldwide, the greatest credit given to the writings of J. W. Goethe, who was a regular visitor to the West Bohemian spa towns in the early 1800s…

Settlement of the dispute?

…in the summer of 1822 Goethe held a meeting with Count Kaspar Šternberk, Swedish chemist Berzelius, doctor Pohl of Karlovy Vary and Cheb police council Grüner. In order to finally resolve their dispute, Goethe and Berzelius suggested to Count Sternberk that he finances a tunnel to be dug into the centre of Komorní hůrka. Count Sternberk agreed with the proposal, but it was only after Goethe’s death in 1834 that the excavations started. The excavations discovered the volcano’s crater filled with solidified lava. This definitively determined the volcanic origin of Komorní hůrka and the long-standing scientific dispute ended with the victory of the Plutonists.


Nowadays Komorní hůrka is very quiet place surrounded by nature. The local peace and quiet is that what attracts our guests.

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