Relax your body and mind

Let time go by…

And enjoy the relaxation and rejuvenation. Dive into the hot pool that will pamper you with massage jets, a whirlpool bench, a geyser and a strong counter current. Enjoy also our whirlpool bath which accommodates up to 8 people.
Would you like to relax in a calm quiet place undisturbed by anything? Now we have a new private whirlpool for you, where you can take your deserved rest. Alone, in a couple or for a maximum of four people – a private whirlpool is here for you.


Herbal sauna and tropical rain

Our saunas are part of the pool area and they are quite unique. The Finnish sauna is made of the finest cedar wood, the steam is perfectly clean and the aromatic essences are alternated with salty steam. Absolutely unique is the herb sauna, the only sauna of its kind in the Czech Republic. Breathe in the fragrance of selected herbs and enjoy the special charm of this cozy space. A tropical rain shower between the cabins will make you feel relaxed. The spa & wellness center also includes a fitness center where you can work out.

We will…

Replenish your vitality

Hotel Komorni Hurka is a comprehensive private medical facility. Our balneo center is fully equipped for rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, cardiac and vascular diseases. We have special equipment for pearl, carbonic, galvanic, whirling, sedative and peat baths as well as underwater massages, but also for a variety of other curative and relaxing procedures – classic and special massages, peat and gas wraps, diadynamic therapy, gas injections, laser, electrotherapy, ultrasound and cosmetics. The Balneo Center is run by experienced medical professionals and a team of health and rehabilitation staff.

In our spa & wellness center we will redefine your idea of relaxation

Are you not staying with us?

No problem. Our spa & wellness center is open to the public as well.

Monday - Friday

14:00 – 20:00

Saturday - Sunday

09:00 – 20:00

SAUNA – daily

14:00 – 20:00


11:00 – 20:00
the last time of arrival is19:00

Swimming pool, saunas and whirlpool

To aid your relaxation we offer:

pricelist for pool and sauna here 1.10.2022
pricelist por private whirlpool

Access to the swimming pool and sauna


first 60 minutes

200 CZK per person

children under 12 years of age

100 CZK per person

extra 60 minutes

100 CZK per person

towel and sheet hire

40 CZK/a piece

loss of the locker key

200 CZK

Access to the private whirlpool


1 hour

700 CZK
max. 4 persons

Modern Balneo Center

Under the guidance of experienced physicians and our team of health and rehabilitation staff, you can enjoy a wide range of treatments: 

You do not have to be staying with us to enjoy the benefits of our Balneo Centre, you can book for a treatment anytime.

Spa treatments here
Wellness and relaxation procedures here

Spa treatment procedures


Mud wrap

20 min                         300 Kč


Paraffin wrap (hands)

20 min                         190 Kč


Mud bath

15 min                         380 Kč


Sulfur bath

15 min                         380 Kč


Pearl bath

15 min                         320 Kč


Whirling bath

15 min                         320 Kč


Carbonic bath

15 min                         320 Kč


Gas wraps

20 min                         210 Kč



15 min                         190 Kč


                                           190 Kč


Gas injections
                                           110 Kč



15 min                         110 Kč



20 min                         240 Kč



30 min                         160 Kč


Classic massage (partial)

15 min                         300 Kč


Classic massage (full body)

60 min                         850 Kč


Lymphatic drainage


30 min                         160 Kč


Water gymnastics

20 min                         270 Kč


Lymphatic massage (partial)

30 min                         450 Kč


Lymphatic massage (full body)

60 min                         950 Kč


Reflexology foot massage

30 min                         400 Kč


Classic foot massage

30 min                         400 Kč


Cupping therapy

20 min                         400 Kč

Medical examination

                                           400 Kč

Pressure measurement

                                             50 Kč


Confirmation for health


                                           150 Kč  

Wellness and relaxation procedures


Indian head massage

40 min                         650 Kč

Bladder muscles, neck, head and ears massage. Relaxation.


Honey detox therapy

60 min                         850 

Cane sugar peel with triple honey massage and soothing cucumber wrap.


Chocolate therapy

60 min                        1 000 Kč

Cane sugar peeling, Pure Fiji oil massage and chocolate wrap.



Lava stones – Hot Stones 

45 min                         500 Kč

Back and neck massage with hot lava stones + hot stone cladding.



45 min                         900 Kč

Massage by Hawaiian traditional technique.


Pantha Jama

45 min                         900 Kč

Pacific technique massage with warm herbal stamps.


Underwater full body massage

20 min                         550 Kč

Water jet bath massage.


Herbal bath

20 min                         320 Kč

Herbal extract bath.


Angelika bath

20 min                         320 Kč

Relaxing bath with milk and honey and rose petals.


Aromatic bath

20 min                         320 Kč

Relaxing bath with aromatic salt additives.


Aromatic massage

20 min                         400 Kč

Massage of décolletage, neck and face with aromatic oils.


Aromatic massage (full body)

45 min                         800 Kč

Full body massage with aromatic oils.


Swedish massage

25 min                         400 Kč

Back and neck massage, relaxation.


Seaweed wrap


45 min                         500 Kč

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